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•   Sylvia Haimoff (White)  10/19
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•   Karen Killough Kaye  10/4
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•   Michael Tolkin  9/29
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Beverly Hills High School
Class Of 1968







New Photo Galleries Have Been Added



The first collection of HIGHLIGHTS ARTICLES is open.  Please add to it.



Special thanks to Shelly Sroloff for being such a good sport and serving as the hilarious first upload to our HAIR collection.  










Hey All,

Help needed!

I am in possession of the oversized poster of the BHHS Class of '68 and the posters of the 4 elementary school graduations that were on display at our class reunions. Unfortunately, I can no longer keep them, and they need to find a new home if we still want to display them at the next reunion.

A truck or van is needed to transport the high school poster, which is 9-10' long. The others could possibly fit in an SUV.

So, will someone please adopt our school photos? I can keep them for one month (mid September), after which I will have to dispose of them, and we will have to rely on our smaller digital records and our own memories.

Please post any responses here, or feel free to call or email me.

Thanks! ~ Kaye Goldman Clarke

ps. I also have 2 boxes of the paperwork from the reunion (maybe the last 2 reunions?) which I need to pass on to a new guardian - some kind and school-spirited individual who plans to be in LA at least until our next reunion.