Survey Highlights






We know it took a long time to compile…  

but we’ve been busy with the DVD (and life beyond the reunion.)




           Have you changed your name other than marriage?

                        “My wife has many names for me.”

                        “I danced under the name, Mikhail Barishnikov.”

                        “I’m under the witness protection plan.”

                        “If I changed my name, then how would I know who I am?”


          How old were you when you first got married?

                        “I don’t remember.”

                        “ Married in 3 past lives, sitting this one out.”

                        “12-  don’t tell my parents.”

                        “23..and a ½ ”

                        “Too young!”


                        19 appears to have been the youngest,

  52 the oldest  

                        Most were in their 20’s.


           How long has your marriage lasted?

                        “Too long”


                        “Going strong”,

                        “Still counting”

                        “Which one?”


           How many children do you have?

                         The most: 7

                         Unofficial average: 2

                         A lot of references about 4-legged children.


            How many grandchildren do you have?

                        “ Zero-nada-zip-zilch-zero-..…….sigh.”

                        “You’d think by now, but, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! .“

                        “Oh puhleeeze, I am not that old!”


                         An awful lot of references to “grand-puppies”

                         4 weeks old was the youngest

                         There really weren’t too many grandparents.


            Have you begun to shrink?

                        “I shrunk after leaving high school and Keelor football!”

                         “Only mentally and only slightly.”

                        “No, evidently I was 5’2” in high school!!!”

                        “Burdens of the world have crushed my stature by 2 inches!!”

                        “ Yes, since my…. dryer accident!”

                        “ No, I keep the pool heater on…….”



         In high school what did you aspire to become when you grew up?

                        “A rich housewife!”

                        “No clue then, no clue now.”

                        “Of legal age”

                        “Married to a senator”

                        “Less confused”

                        “Margaret Mead”


                        “Mgr. at J.J. Newberry’s”

                        And quite a few doctors.


            What is/was your occupation?

                     Predictable at some level:  Lots of attorneys and teachers

                     Interesting at others: A number of Marriage/family/sex therapists

                     And a long list of assorted jobs


            Are you retired?

                         Only 1 classmate reported as “retired.”


             Do you exercise? Doing what? How often?

                        “Once a year, just before my physical..”

                        “ Getting the beer from fridge to mouth.”

                        “I fantasize about doing core exercises every day!”

                        “….skipping around the block whistling!”


                          A wide ranging list including:

dog walking in a meadow

country line dancing

lots of cardio, yoga, swimming, etc.



             Are there any extreme sports that you do?


                         “I used to have lots of sex!”


                        “Extreme sleeper”

                        “Ballroom dancing”…….(????????????)

                        “Picking up my husband’s dry cleaning”

                        “Imaginative sex”


             Your most memorable high school experience was……..?

                        “The “rooter” bus almost on fire”

                        “Winning an election”

                        “Losing class election by one vote”

                        “Car racing”  

                        “Drama class”  (a few of these)

                        “The Doors concert”  (a few of these, too)

                        “Lloyd Thaxton show”

                        “Meredith Wilson at the Music Man performance”

                        “It’s Boss”

                        “Disneyland senior ditch day”


                        “The coach broke a clipboard over my head in water polo.” 

                        “Bobby K. and Caesar C. in Delano

                        “Playing tambourine on Sunset Blvd.”

                        “Friends at my house to play pool and flirting with my mom.”    


                        “ Senior girls as a freshman, freshmen girls as a senior.”

                        “Hitting puberty”

                        “ Going to the beach after summer school classes.”

                        “Monterey Pop  & first love-in at Elysian Fields(GriffithPark).”

                        “Surfing perfect waves in San Clemente!”

                        “Riding to the Renaissance Faire and smoking a doobie!!!”

                        “ Drivers Ed. And going fast up Hwy. 1 !!”

                        “ ………….in the back of a car, behind RoxburyPark!”

                        “Lawn lunches”

                        “ Striking out twice in 2 times at bat!!!”

                        “Losing my virginity under the bleachers……….”


             Who did you fantasize about in high school?

                          “The school nurse”


                          “I sat through way too many classes with a hard-on.”

                           "Margret Mathers (naturally);

                             Ronnie Rabin (naturally);

                             Jordan Kerner (hey, I was confused.)”


                          And here’s the list………Debbie Glusker, Judy Hilton, Laura

Salter, Margret Mathers, Jackie Mathis, Laurie Zoloth, Nola

Kurtz,  Liz Stanley,  Ron Zolkover, Jeff Golden, Bobby

Kornhandler, Ricky Sterling, Dore Gilbert, Phil Shemanski,

Larry Koplin.

                     Annually, how much money are you still getting from your parents?


                        “I help them out.”

                        “They cut off my allowance and grounded me.”

                        “None now, but a boatload when the will is released.”


             Did you move into your parent’s house?

                         Mostly no’s

                         Some yes

                        “I live in their wine cellar!”


             Check off all the drugs you took (if you can remember.)

                        Surprising: a number of “none.”

                        Not surprising: a lot of grass (mostly), coke, and acid.

                        A number of heroin users.

                        Our favorite answer: “Overdose on Metamucil in ‘98”


             Have you ever been a dealer? Or busted?





                       “Artificial sweeteners”


                        And our favorite: “No, I’m Jewish!”


             Have you ever been in rehab?

                        Lots of no’s

                       “Shook it out on the couch”

                       “From Crest white strips!!!”


                        And our favorite: “No,  I’m Jewish!”


             Have you ever been arrested or spent time in jail?

                        Mostly no’s

                        Some yes’s


                       “I got caught for pushing a car over a cliff”                      

“For anti-war protests, anti-apartheid protests,

              and free Russian Jewry protests”

                       “In the Las Vegas Metro Jail-part of my job.”  (???)

                       “In Iowa City for 2 weeks! ”

                       “In Yugoslavia in 1972-it’s complicated!”

                       “ In Palos Verdes with the Girl Scouts.”


                        Gee, and our favorite, “No. I’m Jewish!”


             What non-U.S. cities have you lived in for more than 3 years?                    






                       “New Delhi

                       “Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

                       “El Paso

                       “The Republic of Houston


                        And Will Gans who has lived in India since 1970


             Have you ever paid for sex?

                        Lots of no’s

                        A few yes’s


                       “I get paid”

                       “Does marriage count?”

                       “Would anyone admit to this?”

                      “Does buying a Prom ticket count?

                       And……………….”no, I’m Jewish!”


             About your hair?

                        Several differentiated between “dyed” and “died.”

                        And  “from which part of the body?”


             Do you wear glasses to read?

                        “Can I get an appointment with Stuart Winthrop for Lasik?”


                        Lots of people loved this and laughed about the small print.

                        Most said yes.


             In regards to plastic surgeries………?

                        Mostly none


                        “Did Larry Koplin pay for this ad?”

                        “Is Larry Koplin offering us a group discount?”,

                        “What!? No penile enhancements?”

                        “My husband will not allow me to have a breast reduction!”


             Your state of health?

                        Mostly nothing wrong.

                        Someone had a type of pneumonia with “volcano” in the name.

                        Someone corrected the survey and said it is stents NOT stints.

                        Our favorite answer:  “California



                        No big surprise here – we’re a bunch of underachievers:

                        Loads of undergraduate degrees

                        Lots of master’s degrees

                        Many forms of credentials

                        9 Phd’s


                        And our favorite (under “other”):  Life!


             Religious Leanings

                        We ran the gamut here, too:

              Mostly Jewish (predominantly reformed.)

              One “Jew-bu”

              One “Hin-Ju”.)

              One wandering Jew

              Several good natured “Goy”

              One “child of the universe”

                               And our favorite: ”neo-synephine”


              Political Leanings


                        Conservatives and Moderates massively in the minority


                        Our favorite answer:  “I want to be king.”


             Any entertaining thoughts about B.H.H.S. or the Class of 1968?

                        Lots of “no” answers.  But some highly quotable ones as well:


                       “I remember the first day of Doc Herbst’s Biology class. He

                        asked, “Will all girls with short skirts please sit in the front  



                       “…..I remember girls were told to not wear patent leather shoes

                        or stand over puddles!”


                       “…....Mrs. Boudinot. I hated her. She belittled me and derided  

                        me, making me feel like shit.  And she had yucky, greasy  



                        “Exactly what had so many 15 year old girls actually

                         accomplished that entitled them to their extraordinary   



                       “……an apple vending machine and fresh hot cinnamon rolls at

                        10:30 a.m.!”


                       “The difficulty of telling people you went to Beverly Hills High



                        And this one deserves to be the final statement…………..


                                            “ARE THE BLEACHERS STILL AVAILABLE???????”