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Profile Updated: August 1, 2022
Residing In: Hillsborough, NC USA
Occupation: Retired
Children: Rebecca - Born 1978
Michael - Born 1980
Jennifer - Born 1988

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After high school I attended Duke University. At the time, Duke was not the major basketball power that it is today, but still it was *the* sport and I became a college basketball junkie. Still am. I continued singing – the Chapel Choir (where all good Jewish boys sang), the Men’s Glee Club, and random madrigal groups. I joined the student paper as a photographer – still have a file cabinet full of B&W negatives. My senior year I was the business manager for the publications board, which more than occupied my free time, so I dropped out of singing and photography for the paper.

After Duke I went to grad school at USC, getting my MBA and MSBA. While working on these degrees I started working in the Business School computer center as a consultant and programmer. Basically, I never left. After completing my second masters I worked in the business school running instructional support organizations. In 1989 I left USC and went to Pomona College (one of the Claremont Colleges), working in Academic Computing - a "real" computer center compared to what I had been doing. Learned a lot. Had a good time. Ran computing for a while. Near the end of 2002 I returned to USC, where I am now the Director of Information Technologies for the School of Social Work. Our dean is into globalization – and I had the opportunity to travel with her and a group of faculty from USC to Beijing and Tianjin three years ago. A real blast, and I recommend it, but wait until after the Olympics and for the Chinese government to relax again.

I have attended several Madrigal reunions in the past, and made it to the BHHS 75th Anniversary. The swim gym is unchanged, but there are lots of other changes on campus. If you have the time, take a tour. Since I spent a fair bit of time on the stage in the auditorium, I was especially impressed with the new pit - it is on a lift and sinks to be a real pit, or lifts to be even with the floor.

My kids were all involved in soccer to one degree or another. I had the opportunity to coach all three, and I started refereeing. My youngest ultimately stopped soccer in favor of gymnastics and then dance and theater. With no kids in any program I still referee. It gives me an excuse to run around and make an attempt at staying fit. I've also taken up wood turning. I've got a long way to go with that craft, but I make small bowls and wine goblets. Ultimately, it will be something to do when I retire, I guess.

School Story:

Madrigals - lots of concerts, especially around the holiday season, usually at noon. Mr. Holmes would have us dress up in heavy coats, scarfs, hats as if we were in New England singing in the snow. Unfortunately, it was plenty hot in most of the places we sang. Madrigals also included trips to Hawaii and Acapulco and some wild times at those locations. My last BHHS musical memory - conducting "The Lord's Prayer" at graduation.

Water Polo - Coach Puffer and Coach Crawford. Coach Puffer took us to a summer league and we played some games in the former Olympic Pool next to the Coliseum. Before one game everyone was climbing to the top of the 10 meter platform and jumping off. Alas, I got to the top and climbed back down. You don't see the top of the water when there isn't a spray - you see the bottom of the pool. I think David Hoffman must have jumped off at least 2 times! Coach Crawford continued to work us hard, coming to Beverly in our Junior year and we continued to have a successful team. Someone decided he looked like Porky Pig, so we spelled out P-O-R-K on some of the drills. We also had the morning mile swim. Two start times - 7am and 7:30am. Great way to start the day - the clorine convinced me that goggles were a must. I'd sit in the press box after my swim (the 7am start time) and eat breakfast. Then there was the lifeguard - Tom. Among other things he taught Red Cross lifesaving. The test was to jump into the pool fully clothed - kicking off your shoes while jumping - and pulling someone out. Once, when closing the floor, he let me swim underneath - just no splashing. A bizzare experience.

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:42 PM
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I visited the Great Wall in China and made some friends!
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:42 PM
My kids - Daughter-in-law Sarah, Michael, Rebecca, Jennifer.