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Neal Spiegel **

Neal Spiegel **

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08/13/14 02:52 PM #2    

Dr. Gary Goodman

Neal and I had a song and dance act that we rolled out at BV for a talent show.

We did a Joe & Eddie tune. 

Can't recall if he was Joe or Eddy; certainly it was the one with more talent.

I remember him as serious and driven. 

Clear-eyed, and destined to do things. 

08/14/14 12:38 AM #3    

Bunny Bari Schwartz (Brown)

I ran into Neal when I was working at Complete Post, back in the 90's.  He was producing a spot and recognized me.  We had  good long talk.  Sweet man.

08/14/14 04:21 PM #4    

Alan Kennedy

Was is Neal who brought down the house in his role as the Lord High Executioner in the "Mikado"?

08/15/14 11:09 AM #5    

Terry Wolff

The Lord High Executioner was played by Chip Greene.

08/16/14 11:42 AM #6    

Stephen Hariton

Neal was truly a great guy.  A big Democrat and loved LBJ.  I still cherish the memories of our political discussions during those tumultuous times.  

08/17/14 12:01 AM #7    

John Santo

I didn't really know Neal as a friend.  But had wished that I did.  He had talent, a sense of class and humor.  Humble - without being deminuitive - while being out-going and friendly.  

10/25/15 05:48 PM #8    

Steven Mellon

I loved Brian's story about Neal and Jackie Gleason. The way Brian described Neal's demeanor and sense of humor with the twinkle of his bright blue eyes is the way I will always remember Neal. The words that come to mind are: kind, sensitive, intelligent and micheviously humerous.


07/11/18 04:41 PM #9    

Daniel Carey

I still recall seeing Neal regularly with that same smiling face, good-naturedness, and his distinctive blue eyes!

Even though we barely knew each other, Neal would always be happy, smiling and friendly when we would pass by one another.  I loved the story about his meetings with Jackie Gleason. Two men full of positive energy and big smiles to brighten the day! 

07/12/18 01:51 PM #10    

Dore Gilbert

I remeber Neal as really great guy and a loyal friend.  He was very honest, kind and easy to talk to about any issues of our days.

07/13/18 01:27 PM #11    

Alice Graham

Ok here's my Neal Spiegel story. Long long ago, I was a very shy 8th grader. I was coming in from lunch to the next class, which was Mr. Shaver's history class. I was wearing a big heavy jacket over a flimsy blouse with button holes down the front that were a bit too large. I was early, and only Neal was in the classroom. I dramatically ripped off my jacket, and the entire stupid blouse went with it....Oops. Neal laughed so hard I thought he'd fall through the floor. The original wardrobe malfunction. And couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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