In Memory

Celia Murray

Celia Murray








Amanda Schroeder Emerson

I knew Celia in high school.  She was quite a character, loved the mountains and horses as well as her family.  There were many times her mom would pick us up from school and drive us on weekends out to somewhere in the valley (Newhall, Saugus I think) to ride her horse.  Once she got her driver's license she would drive herself and a couple of friends, often myself and Alanna Stevens to go riding.  For years she referred to me as Snoopy because I wore a Snoopy sweatshirt at P.E.  One quick memory - Celia and I had P.E. after lunch.  We would climb the gate to get to the locker room early.  When we had swimming, we would go to the cage and using a ruler, pull the bathing suits toward us and select the one's with the best elastic and not too stretched out.  At other times, we would sit at Sundermeir and Sweety's desks and just chill.  She was indeed a special person and a good friend.


Cathy Amsterdam Gershman

I knew Celia and her parents. Her father was Jan Muarry. I once helped them paint their fence. I did not see her after high school but I think that she became a teacher. So sad to loose another one of us.