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Myles Lenhoff

Myles Lenhoff

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08/26/14 06:16 PM #1    

Albert Goodman

Myles left us way to early.  I met him in 9th grade in English class and Coach Schreiber's PE class.  Myles would always make me laugh.  I always respected his intelligence, quick wit, and the fact he would stick up for a student if they were being bullied.

We remained friends after Beverly High.  I would see him when I returned home from the University of Delaware and we would have a beer in Westwood.  He talked about going to medical school after UCLA.  He earned a law degree.  Myles would joke that he couldn't get into medical school so he married a doctor.

When Myles married Pam, they met my wife and me in New York at the World Trade Center in the Windows on the World for a drink.

Later Myles worked as a Deputy Public Defender in Long Beach. It was so like him to be helping people.  He and Pam have two boys (Sam and Max).  Myles died of leukemia at age 42

Around 2000, my family met Pam and the two boys at a deli in Long Beach.  The two boys were eager to learn about their dad since they were very young when Myles passed.  Later that day, Pam invited us to their home in Long Beach.  I was so happy to see it was like the neighborhood I grew up in on Oakhurst Drive in the 1960's.

During that visit Pam gave me one of Myles' Austin Grey ties.  Every so often I hold that tie and think of my friend. 

08/30/14 08:57 PM #2    

Joel Davidman

I knew Myles since early elementary school at Horace Mann where we became best friends even through high school and as pledge brothers at Phi Sig Delt at UCLA. Friday nights for us while at Beverly consisted of playing eight-ball at Wilshire Billiards (14th and Wilshire in Santa Monica), then hanging out at the UCLA Student Union soaking up the college environment. Later we would cruise the Sunset Strip in bumper-to-bumper traffic hoping to meet chicks (not that we would know what to do with them if we did), finishing off at Pink's hot dog stand at Melose and La Brea at 2 a.m.

I am tearing somewhat as I recall and write this. Those were great times, as is today great (just older!)

Myles and I drifted apart somewhat as I befriended another Beverly 1968 grad - Jonathan F Davis, may he rest in peace. For a while in high school and at UCLA we three hung out together, but three is an odd number and Myles gradually faded away. Shel Sroloff entered the equation in college and became part of the new trio.

I cannot recall where Myles went, but my next encounter with him was shortly before his passing when, separated from my first wife,  I had heard Myles, living in Long Beach with wife and child, had fatal cancer. I went down to see him and met his family. He was pretty far along with the disease and in pretty bad shape. I did not see him again but had one phone call with him. He was not very communicative, understandably.

I had grown up knowing his mom and dad, older sister and younger brother. He was truly my BEST friend for many years, and I still feel a loss when he comes to mind. Rest in peace, compadre!

I would be my pleasure to meet his family to share with them what I knew of him.




08/31/14 06:14 PM #3    

Bunny Bari Schwartz (Brown)

He used to pull my ponytail in 8th grade.  I think he liked me :)

09/23/14 01:44 AM #4    

Steven Mellon

Myles was the first friend I made at BHHS when I started my freshman year. I had spend grades K -8 at Beverly Hills Catholic School and literlly did not know anyone save one ort two others that had ventured from BBCS to BHHS. Having never gone to Beverly Vista or Horace Mann I knew no one. Myles Lenhoff was a prince of a young and affiable he even had sisters who friended me as I came from a family of 3-boys and gifrls were an absolute mystery to me...His sisters were also open and friendly and smiled at me in the halls of BHHS.

I will NEVER FORGET Myles Lenhoff and wish I had the oppurtunity to tell him how much his friendship meant to me all these years later. THANK YOU MYLES!!

Steven Mellon

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