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Barry Berman

Barry Berman

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11/22/15 12:52 PM #2    

David Morse

I can't drive Coldwater Canyon, visit Santa Barbara or Golita, see a go cart on a street it doesn't belong,  find a paperback Henry Miller book on a shelf, anything to do with avocados, train whistles followed by a rumble where the shack simply shakes along with  so many other ways my memories of Barry are simply in my fiber in the happy memories of growing up.   A kind soul always here.  

11/22/15 09:21 PM #3    

Karen Frank

David, a beautiful post. Indeed Barry was a wonderful classmate and a wonderful man and he will not be forgotten.

11/24/15 03:07 AM #4    

Jordan Kerner

Beautiful David! I think of Barry often and also on Coldwater! So many visits to the ranch in Goleta. So much fun in that crazy place. Thank you for the vivid images Barry and David. 

11/24/15 09:31 AM #5    

John Einecke Harrison

Barry was one of a kind. We had a chance to spend a lot of time together. The day after graduation, Barry and i left on a journey of 10K miles in the summer of 1968 in his VW camper. We ment many good people along the way. We traveled across mid America, making our way up to the Trans Canadian Hwy.We then made our way back West to Seattle. Back to BH. Then to SLO to live on a beautiful ranch. We had good times! There are 5 of of us from BH that live in the SLO area today and often speak of Barry.

Peace, John


11/24/15 01:58 PM #6    

George Ziegler

Barry was a good friend.  I used to sell him steel in the 1980's when he was a blacksmith.  He forged his implements the old fashioned way and he had the build of a weight lifter.  Huge shoulders and arms. Swinging a hammer on solid steel bar heated to 1200 degrees is a tough job and hardly anyone practiced that craft in Los Angeles anymore.  His fireplace implements were sought after by wealthy patrons and marketed by the Horchow collection.  

He would come to our warehouse with his truck and trailer and we would load him up with solid square and round bar, which he made into gorgeous ornamental iron for his wealthy Santa Barbara customers.  He was well known and respected in his profession.  During the loading process, we'd have lunch nearby.  He was a vegetarian and didn't mind where we went because as he said he could always find something consistent with his diet.  During that time we'd reminisce about growing up in Beverly Hills and how we evolved since graduation.  He was one of the finest people I had ever met. 

Renewed interested in his disappearance was generated by an investigation the LA WEEKLY, which published a story updating the progress of the case.  For those who have not seen this article, you can find it at:



11/25/15 12:57 AM #7    

Bunny Bari Schwartz (Brown)

I remember Barry fondly and spending time at El Capitain. Every drawer and cabinet was filled with Avacados. I could not look at or eat one for years.


11/25/15 12:03 PM #8    

David Reich

Thank you, all. You've jostled long-ago dormant memories. I was close to Barry at Hawthorne, and we had fun together on the cross country and track teams:

(In David M's style) A fort hidden in the woods built of lumber stolen from a new construction site; whiffle basketball at our local indoor arenas (bedrooms named "Burma Ball" and "Roni Ball" -- Scotty Wilson, Larry Copland, and others used to call him "Burma Shave." Shelly Daniels was also part of this early crowd. I was Roni (for Rice-a-Roni). I think he came up with the nicknames. Paddle Ball Ping Pong played at the Burma Shave Estate. Ancient Aztec statues (displayed at his father's office. He was the founder of Kahlua Liquor.) Shaving with razor (he was my first friend to have a razor and shaving creme (Burma Shave?) and enjoy shaving, at 12! Bare-foot runner. (I believe he and I were the only ones who ran the mile in track in bare feet.) 

Barry had the greatest smile. It was more of a grin, sort of impish, really. It was a smile that came easy, which said, isn't life great! He got along well with a lot of different people. He never pressed himself on anyone, as far as I knew him. He made many friends. 

I believe he will always be with us, as demonstrated in these comments. He lives in our hearts. Thank you, Barry. You are deservedly cherished by so many.


05/19/17 06:52 PM #9    

David Hoffman

BAB was likely the first*** to ride a freight train- SLO to SB. He shared that ride with Rufus T. Bonner the third, a true man of the road. Barry wouldn't share RT's ripple or MD or whatever and that did not bode well with Barry's new-found hobo companion. 'Oh, if the kat could talk what tails he'd tell, about....'

*** althought 'the General' (JGB) can claim many more firsts than most of us, I don't think hopping a freight was one.

05/20/17 10:04 AM #10    

George Ziegler

The journalist who reported in the LA WEEKLY in 2015 about Barry and Louise's death and the suspect in custody is Doug Kari. He would like to speak with everyone who knew Barry. His cell phone number is 213-369-3100 and his email is He is a retired attorney who has reporting on events similar to this as a hobby. I believe he is retired now living in San Clemente. He found me through a landline I have at a Santa Monica property I rent out. He would like to speak with you. If you would like me to forward any contact information, I will, but don't feel comfortable doing it without your permission. I spent a couple of hours on the phone talking about Barry and growing up in Beverly Hills. His FB page has a photo of him in case you're interested. I believe he's doing a follow up to his 2015 piece in the LA WEEKLY. The suspect, Michael Pepe, aka Mike the Marine, is serving 210 years for sex crimes against children in Thailand and was a sex tourist for many years. Thanks to the Inyo County Sheriff's office for their outstanding service to the victims who never gave up looking for Barry and Louise's murderer.

07/11/18 03:53 AM #11    

Daniel Carey

Barry and I met in Donald Walker's electronics class. We both shared keen interests in Ham Radio and Short Wave radio. It was so cool sitting high up in his garage loft with his Collins Transceiver and all his Ham gear! He had a real love and passion for his hobby of Ham radio! He was always so very humble. He never boasted about any of his top-flight radio stuff. He never told me of his fathers' link with Kaluha. Being too young to drive at that time, on my first visit to his place, I followed the easiest and quickest path, which was taking a deer trail between my street and his yard. Soon I arrived at his house. That is, I thought I had. When I went to the door to knock I could see that the entire structure was, in fact, a museum showcase of Pre Columbian statuary which was set on shelves throughout the glass-windowed building! His actual house was nearby. Not a word of this layout was mentioned ahead of time by Barry. It was such an Amazing discovery to find in my new friend's backyard!

Never did I see Barry have any issues with anyone causing him, or them, to be angry or unkind.

At the 10 year reunion, he appeared at my side in the food courtyard, gave me his classic smile and hello. To my surprise he then said, "Did you hear about your girlfriend, Marcheline Bertrand, she married Jon Voight, the actor!"

I had no recollection of how or why Barry thought of her as my girlfriend!

 Never was there any push at pretense. He was so very unique, kind, and very special to everyone who knew him! 

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