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Laura Salter Shields

Laura Salter
Residing In: Sedona, AZ

Hi Everybody ! I wish that I could have been there with you, but alas, it is impossible, due to work. I am sure by this time, every one of you has found your true calling that you have know all along since your high school days, but didn't realize that you knew. Very often, high school students believe that their lives don't really start until they have established themselves in a career or with marriage or a desired ambition fulfilled, etc. Yet, looking back, I think that we all now realize at this point in our lives, that every step along the way has been and will be a significant part of the whole of our lives..that each friend that we have shared our lives with, regardless of when and where, has helped create who we are today, and that we will always carry that special friendship in our hearts...for that is the best part of life - those people who are part of our hearts. When I think abut my high school days, I am so touched by the kindness that
everyone showed me then. The care and understanding that we shared is truly precious. I love you all so very much. I hope to see you at the next reunion, God willing.
Much Love, Laura Shields